Phanta Updates and Printing!

Hey everyone, sorry to Devlog again so quickly, but a lot of moving pieces that were mentioned in previous devlogs have just fallen into place, so here is the major update in quick bullet-list format

  • The most important bit goes up front, and that is that Phanta has had  limited edition physical copies ordered, and it is at the printer now. If you are interested in getting your hands on one, email me at and I'll get you on the list. Should be around $20 for a physical copy (full color, plus one each of the 5 classes in black and white, and everything is printed and shipped on recycled materials! Pricing might still change between now and when I get the copies in my hands, but ya know... that's life)  plus $5 for shipping in the US (and if you aren't US based we can work it out). Copies are currently very limited, but if this goes well I'll order a second, larger print run.
  • There is an updated version of the base game available now on Itch! It contains a little more artwork, some minor editing of typos, and I fixed a really clumsy section in the Arbiter's Section of the guide.
  • I also made the Pages version of the game look SIGNIFICANTLY better, I know it looked like shit for a bit there, sorry about that it truly took me a little bit to find a way to lay it out alright. 
  • There is an Actual Play session with some folks I'm a huge fan of set for some time in April by the looks of it, but I'll also be appearing on a few other Podcasts to talk about it in the coming months. It's easiest to keep up with me on all of this on Twitter.
  • I rolled out Role character sheets for Phanta a bit ago, but they are still located here if you want them.
  • I made a game that runs off a very heavily modified version of the Phanta engine, called Star Heist, and you can get it here. It sees you and your friends playing as Space Bandits, and robbing Melon Husk and the folks of the Hyper Rail One. You got 4 stats, Rootin, Tootin, Shootin, and Bootin; and is designed to be a fun little one shot. The game is free if you want it!
  • Last but not least, the first of 2 planned Phanta expansions is still in the works, it's gonna be digital only for the time being, but will be free for anyone that purchased Phanta! I've updated the base price of the game to $10 to cover the expansions, and more accurately reflect the work that went into the game.

Thanks again for making Phanta, and the world of Eldorado Springs so great, I really appreciate everyone who has been helping support this title so far. Also special thanks to the folks that got Phanta as part of the layout level up, there are a ton of designers that got access to Affinity products because of you, and that is extremely fucking cool! I design exclusively in Affinity and it's really great software, and getting it into the hands of some new folks is excellent.

That's all for today, stay groovy~


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