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In Extremis

In Extremis is a tabletop roleplaying game designed for 2-6 players, about fighting back the man using necromancy, that uses the LUMEN system by Spencer Campbell. Inspired by The Locked Tomb trilogy, players take on the role of exceptionally powerful witches who use their mastery of life, death, and the human condition to keep them and their own safe from other planetary invaders who want to steal their land.

As a Necromancer, you are one of a handful of hideously powerful death witches that protect the planet Hecate, the final holdout for The Coven, from the ever encroaching war of the Corvus Dominion. 

The Quick Start contains:

  • Basic Rules
  • 6 Enemy Types
  • 3 Pregen Characters
  • 1 Half Creature/Half Spaceship Behemoth
  • 1 Mission entitled "The Death of the Moon" that takes place before the events of In Extremis, and provides a look at the history of the Opiter System, the planet Hecate, and the strange dead moon that powers the Necromancers.

The Full Game contains:

  • More rules including the use of powerful Banes that massively shift combat, social abilities, and options for leveling to make you and your Spells more powerful.
  • 50+ Pages of beautiful art, and killer layout
  • 18 Enemy Types
  • 9 Character Classes
  • Even more fucking Lore

Content Warnings

The book contains a fair deal of body horror, talk of death, and depictions of warfare. Nothing I don't believe you wouldn't expect from a game about necromancy, but be aware going in that those are all in there!


Okay so

This game set out with a goal of $400. Not even a week later I'm at more than 200% funding, so here are the goals laid out more plainly.

  • $500: In Extremis goes to print. I'm running 100 soft covers, and 25 hard covers, and people who backed the game will get big discounts on those copies when the game comes out. What exactly those discounts will end up at is still in the air, but the general plan is that Soft Covers will be running around $30 normally, while Hard Covers run closer to $45 without them.
  • $800: I hire my husband, Joseph Dunford, on as the editor once again. We have worked together on multiple projects in the past, notably he was the editor on my last game, The Necromancer.
  • $1000: I hire on incredible Belgium based designer, mv, to make a Star Map of the Opiter System. If we hit 1k before I go to printing, it'll be in the print run, otherwise we'll look at like poster options for it or something. Trust me, you want this.
  • $1400: Now I we get weird: I hire mv, Josh Hittie, and Revinant to write for the game, and I pay them extremely well.  I took pitches from writers, and found people who wanted to do something in a single theme, and what they've come up with will actually blow your mind. This is all going in a new zine that is free to people who have already purchased the game, that is as of yet unnamed.
  • $1800: I hire three more people to do the exact same thing. Different theme, same idea.
  • $2000: I print all of the new shit in a new zine, along with some extra writing by myself.

Itchfunding Progress Meter. Current $1275, Next Goal $1400

To see more about Itchfunding, as well as other games using it as a funding model, check out the website I put together which you can find here!

Actual Play 

Live stream with Plus One Exp


mv (0.6 Edition, dead towers) - "in extremis > croissant"

Josh Hittie (Fractal Romance, Death Mask) - "In Extremis is the ultimate necromantic power fantasy. The game is easy to pick up and play, but the killer classes and abilities provide a ton of depth to keep players hooked for a long time. I want to play this game right now."

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