Prints have Arrived and Announcing the Season of Discovery

Hello friends, I am well overdue for a new devlog, but here we go!

First things first, prints have arrived in my online store! You can go get them if you're interested! If you paid money for the game previous to them hitting my store, I sent out a code to knock the price down a little bit, so go look for it if you haven't seen it already!

The prints came out gorgeous and a few have already been spotted in the wild! I'm shipping things out as fast as I can!

The second big bit of news is that Season One, The Season of Discovery is here! The first content drop as part of Season One is The Progenitors, and as I discussed in a previous devlog, it contains a trove of new stuff for the game!

  • Tons of lore
  • 8 new playable classes/NPCs (and not a single necromancer in the group)
  • More than 50 new spells and weapons
  • Dozens of new plot hooks
  • A new adventure titled The Temple of the Ancients that gets into the nitty gritty of who was in the system first, why the enemies are here, and hints of what is still to come this season!

For the first month, Season of Discovery is free to people who already own the base game, so you'll wanna pick it up while you can, it only gets more expensive from here!

Tons of new stuff, relatively short devlog, as it should be!

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i think it would be cool if u made it so u can download the older versions