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You moved to the city to get a fresh start after your relationship ended. It’s cold and lonely here, and you’re left with nothing but time to reflect on exactly where and why things changed. Maybe you realized a lot of the problems were yours. Maybe it’s clear you stuck around way past your due date, clinging to a relationship that was only held together by wishes and stubborn denial. What happened to the two of you?

Haunted: is a single player journaling game about facing the ghosts of your old relationships, and coming to terms with an ending, even if you weren't ready for it.

This game requires a tarot deck (although an online equivalent works perfectly fine), and somewhere to write.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorKegan (@Keganexe)
GenreRole Playing
Tagsjournaling, Narrative, Singleplayer


Get this journaling game and 15 more for $65.00 USD
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Haunted is a short but impactful game about ghosts and relationships. It leads with an eerie seldom quoted bit of Emily Dickinson, but then slowly backs off from the ghost theme and focuses more on healing from a past relationship.

The PDF is 11 pages, with a cursed scrapbook sort of aesthetic that works well for the project. The layout and graphic design aren't intrusive, and don't fight for your attention with the text, but they're a nice touch.

Gameplay for Haunted uses tarot and journaling, and it isn't really a game you can lose. The cards are purely prompts, and you react to them by reflecting on memories with your ex. If the memories turn too negative, or if you hit the Tower, the game ends.

Part of the game's narrative revolves around your ex, so you may want to fabricate a character and a character's ex if you don't want to relive discomfort.

Overall, Haunted has a message of reflection and healing, but it leads with an expectation of ghosts, so I felt a little let down when those didn't manifest. That said, it is a well-made journaling game, and I think if you go into it with an expectation that it's a game about putting to rest past relationships, you'll have an interesting, possibly cathartic experience.